Our vision

Our Vision

Our vision would be for there to be a world where every dog is cared for properly and gets to have a loving family to live with. We would also love for people to understand the bond people and dogs can have together and how loyal, compassionate and loving all dogs can be if they are trested with love and care.


Our Mission

Our mission is to take in and look after as many dogs in need as possible, and for them to feel loved. We hope that our dogs find a loving home so that we can welcome the next dog in need. We organise events, and visits to help raise money for these dogs and so people have an opportunity to meat the dogs.

About us

About Us

Pals and Paws is a charity run dogs shelter. We look after and tak in dogs that do not have a home. We welcome anyone who would like to come visit the dogs, take them for walks and adopt them to a loving home. We hold events to raise money for these dogs to be looked after and you can get in touch with us at any time if you want to know more.